As Mayor, I am committed to:

Our Children, Our Community, Our Future

Sonia and I have loved raising our children here. Yorba Linda is safe, clean and has ample opportunities to enjoy being together. But, will it remain so long enough for our grandchildren to appreciate?

There are political powers at play that threaten the longevity of all we have worked to preserve. These special interests are making grandiose promises our city budget simply cannot afford. What will suffer will be our green landscape, our smooth roadways and our safe communities.

Under my watch, we have paid off debt saving millions and selectively stimulated the economic engine that will bring us new dining, shops and entertainment. Our budget isn’t as robust as some would have us believe. So it’s only with a careful eye on our finances and a disciplined investment in our future that Yorba Linda will remain safe, clean and green for generations to enjoy.

This is my promise to you,


Mayor Craig Young


Yorba Linda has a general fund budget of approximately $30 million per year. The good news is we do not spend more than we take in – Fiscal Health 101.

However, long term sustainability needs to go beyond a mere entry level 101 class. Hidden beneath our budget as Mayor I flushed out a structural deficit of $4 Million per year. That means while we slurry the top of our streets making them look good, underneath the infrastructure is crumbling. Add to this, Yorba Linda has $40 Million in unfunded liabilities that have accumulated over decades of failing to adequately reserve.

The solution? No more debt. No more frivolous lawsuits. And careful attention to the economic engine that will assure our children and grandchildren will have safe communities with green parks and clean trails to enjoy.

While my opponents seek to play Santa Clause, promising toys advanced on a credit card with a bill we can’t pay, I have initiated voter ballots to eliminate lifetime medical and pension benefits. While they pander with unfunded promises of parks, libraries and equestrian centers, I have focused on a Costco gas station and a new Town Center that will bring millions in revenue for our future.

We’ve heard the adage and it bears repeating, a Government big enough to give you all you want, is BIG enough to take all you have.

In 2012/13 Yorba Linda experienced a significant spike in crime and drug abuse as a result of many conditions including Governor Brown’s realignment program. Thousands of convicted, and often violent, criminals have been released in to our streets because of state budget deficits.

My top priority is the protection of our communities. In Yorba Linda we are fortunate to benefit from the extraordinary resources of our OC Sheriffs. These resources have been fully utilized to provide us with maximum protection from those who desire to do our families and property harm. As Mayor, I continue to work to keep these resources appropriately applied assuring our protection.

To assure this level of protection, long-term financial sustainability is absolutely essential. Yorba Linda protective services budget is about 50% of all our income. If we don’t continue diligently work toward solving the $4 Million annual deficit and $40 Million unfunded liability, something will have to give. I am insisting we are extraordinarily careful now so we won’t have to compromise later choosing between protective services or smooth roadways.


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