Craig Young is a successful businessman, attorney, and community leader. As a member of the Yorba Linda City Council he has fought to protect residents’ quality of life, make government operate more efficiently, and increase government transparency. A top priority has been to assure the City operates financially within its means, both from a short-term cash flow perspective and in regard to funding long-term liabilities.

California is struggling under the weight of suffocating regulations, onerous taxes, and politicians representing special interests rather than the taxpayers. Bad policies coming from Sacramento are making it impossible for businesses to compete and increasingly, forcing businesses to either fold or move to friendlier states, taking badly needed jobs with them.

Craig’s private sector experience, building businesses and creating jobs, is what we need in the State Assembly today. He has served in key leadership positions and his financial acumen has eclipsed industries including banking, education, medical and real estate. Much of this time has been spent building teams of volunteers and raising millions of privately funded dollars for the schools and hospitals he supports.

Over the last 33 years he has served as vice president of a national bank, university professor teaching business ethics and negotiation strategies while also being president of the university’s foundation, president of a financial services firm assisting family businesses, CFO to a hospital foundation, as well as past church elder and a pastor. His leadership includes extensive service on private and public boards, helping to empower without interfering in the responsibilities of staff. His conviction is government should function similarly: empowering citizens without interfering with our values, visions and successes. With these diverse experiences, Craig has the right combination to continue being an impact player for reform in Yorba Linda.

Craig and his wife, Sonia, have been married 23 years and have raised  two adult children.

Both, Craig and Sonia are Southern California natives who for nearly two decades, have lived in the same home, attended the same church, and played an active role in their community.

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